Harbor Pattaya is organizing a new, more worthwhile promotion, providing more fun and happiness than ever before, with two types of annual membership cards.

For the first time, a combination of fun in a single card, to expand the scope of entertainment and provide fun all year round and in every zone:  HarborLand (fl.6-7), JumpZ (fl.6), DEEP (fl.8), RollerLand (fl.3), SnowLand (fl.5), Laser Battle (fl.7), AdventureLand (fl.4), LittleLand (fl.7), LittleBike (fl.3), and WonderLand (fl.B).

Conditions for entering each zone vary according to that zone. With this card, the level of fun is raised beyond the limits, allowing for fun together throughout, free play with no time limitations.

Importantly, this card covers new zones. The HarborLand Group will provide additional play zones besides what has been available for the past three years. Next year, there will be two new major highlights, the iCombat Zone and the Racing Zone, along with improvements in existing zones, to create excitement every time you come back.

An additional benefit for the holder of this card is the ability to bring along a parent to play in HarborLand (Harbor Pattaya), rental of equipment in each zone included.

All this for only 6,900 baht. Offer valid from today until 31 January 2019.

✨ HARMEMBER: HarborLand ✨
As befits the biggest entertainment indoor playground in Asia, the Harbor Pattaya branch of HarborLand is expanding the fun area on the sixth and seventh floors, and arranging for one card to play all year round for only 3,900 baht.

This card can be purchased at any of three main outlets.

  1. Online purchase via thaitripticket.com
  2. HarborLand counters at all HarborLand branches
  3. Balcony Sriracha counters both Seaside and Courtyard

All holders of HarborLand (Harbor Pattaya) membership cards will automatically be upgraded to ALL PLAY cards at the Harbor Pattaya branch, with the validity of the cards being carried forward as is.